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Cyberpunk 2020 and Red is a pen and paper/ table top role playing game, set in a dark future, as imagined in the 1980's media (Bladerunner, Akira, Ghost In The Shell). Cyberpunk 2020 is also the inspiration for the video game Cyberpunk 2077.

Listen as Titus GMs 2 first-time ttrpg players Lindsay and Rowan through the twisting mysteries and philosophical obstacles in the world of Cyberpunk. 

Apr 28, 2021

As Lucky prepares to meet the Azarello mob in the Salt Flats with a battered Flavio and two members of the warren, Bianca and Finn finally get a major lead on the missing cotton tail's location. Will Finn be able to convince Lucky to abandon her dangerous plan and team up again?

This special book of Dark Future Dice...

Apr 14, 2021

Finn and Bianca hatch a scheme to get some more Euro bucks and investigate the Zeta tech conspiracy only to find a new piece of information. Back at the Warren, Lucky and the warren decide to set up a drop-off of Flavio to the Azarello mob in exchange for more information about the missing warren members. 

This special...